Press Releases

Speak Shan is the First iPhone App for Learning the Shan Language

Feb 21, 2011 – Nagaraja Rivers announces today Speak Shan 1.0, the first ever iPhone app for learning the Shan Language. Speak Shan is a talking phrasebook and vocabulary builder containing over 400 words and phrases with audio playback recorded by a native Shan speaker. Shan is spoken by over three million people in Shan State of Burma, northern Thailand, and southern China. It is very closely related to the Thai and Lao languages.   read more…

Learn the Thai Script on iPhone with Reading Thai

Feb 13, 2011 – Yokohama-based Nagaraja Rivers today announces Reading Thai 1.2, an update to their Thai alphabet app for iOS. Offering a complete introduction to the Thai script, Reading Thai covers not only the Thai alphabet, but also the complex rules of word formation. It covers consonants, vowels, numbers, tone marks, punctuation marks, tone rules, letter combination rules, and multi-syllable words. Each word example includes the Thai script, a phonetic transcription, and audio by a native Thai speaker.   read more…

Speak Thai Sanuk for iPhone Makes Thai Phrases Fun and Easy

Feb 15, 2011 – Yokohama-based Nagaraja Rivers today announces Speak Thai Sanuk 1.2 for iOS, an update to their easy-to-use talking phrasebook for the Thai language. Speak Thai Sanuk contains a total of 586 words and phrases. Each phrase is presented in a large-sized Thai script and phonetic spelling complete with tone marks. Speak Thai Sanuk was designed for easy use by tourists or other visitors to Thailand with no Thai experience.   read more…


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