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Speak Shan

Speak Shan is the first app ever made for learning the Shan language. Shan is spoken by over three million people in Shan State of Burma, northern Thailand, and southern China. The Shan language is also known as Tai and Thai-Yai. It is very closely related to the Thai and Lao languages. The Speak Shan app is based mostly on the dialect of Shan spoken in northern Thailand.

Speak Shan is a talking phrasebook and vocabulary builder. You can hear each word or phrase spoken by a native Shan speaker and see a phonetic transcription that includes tone marks. There are over 400 words and phrases in the following categories:

*Greetings & Basics
*Family & People
*Common Objects
*Body Parts
*Fruits & Vegetables
*Going Places
*Fun Phrases

Speak Shan does not require an internet connection. You can use it anywhere you travel. Take it to the hills of northern Thailand or eastern Burma to surprise and impress the local Shan people. Use it in the market on your next trip to Mae Hong Son or Pai to find the most authentic Shan food available in Thailand.

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Reading Thai featured in CNN blog

“Reading Thai” was featured in the blog. The author, Greg Jorgensen had these kind words regarding it:

“This colorful app has everything beginners need to get the basics down — consonants, vowels, numbers, tone marks, and those dastardly tone rules.

Reading Thai nicely straddles the line between coming off as too child-like and too hard to get into. Good for quick reference, while the option that allows you to hear the letter or vowel being spoken is a nice touch too.”
Read more: 11 blogs and apps for learning Thai |

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Speak Thai Sanuk

Speak Thai Sanuk is an easy to use talking phrasebook for the Thai language. Each phrase is displayed in large sized Thai script, phonetic transliteration, and English translation. Hear the audio for each phrase in a clear, pleasant voice. Separate versions of phrases for male and female speakers are recorded or indicated where appropriate. There are a total of 586 words and phrases in the following categories:

* Greetings
* Basics
* Shopping
* Restaurant
* Hotel
* Transportation
* Places
* Sightseeing
* Health
* Money
* Entertainment
* Numbers
* Time
* Weather
* Fun Phrases

Speak Thai Sanuk is great for anyone who is traveling to Thailand. You will sound nice and impress the Thai people you meet with these phrases.

Sound smart by pronouncing Thai place names correctly.

Try using some of the many phrases for ordering food the next time you go to your favorite Thai restaurant. Many phrases for ordering vegetarian food are included.

Speak Thai Sanuk does not require an internet connection. You can use it anywhere you go.

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Read Thai Alphabet

Read Thai Alphabet“, the free “lite” version of the successful “Reading Thai” app has just been released.  This free version covers the 44 consonants of the Thai alphabet completely.























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Reading Thai 1.1 and another review

Today saw the release of an updated version of Reading Thai.  It fixed a couple minor errors and also lowered the operating system requirement to IOS 3.0

Reading Thai was also reviewed by Richard Barrow on the “Using an iPhone in Thailand” blog.

“I would say that Reading Thai has everything you would need to give you a good start in not only learning the Thai alphabet but also in learning to read your first Thai words.”

Read more here:

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“Reading Thai” gets a very positive review.

“Genuinely useful, this app can operate as a learning tool, or to look something up when reading Thai. If you were limited to one Thai alphabet app for whatever reason, I would advise getting this app over the others.”

-Catherine Wentworth (

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Reading Thai





Reading Thai is the first app to give a complete introduction to the Thai script.  If you want to actually start reading real words in Thai, then this is the app for you.  Learn how syllables are constructed and learn how each component of a syllable affects it’s sound.  You’ll learn over 350 vocabulary words and hear each word spoken by a native Thai.

Reading Thai includes:

  • All 44 consonants and their classes.
  • Different sounds made at the beginning and end of syllables for each letter.
  • Images to illustrate each consonant’s full name.
  • Long and short vowels with alternate forms.
  • Tone and punctuation marks and their uses.
  • Thai numerals.
  • Rules for determining tones of syllables.
  • Rules for letter combination and irregular words.
  • Phonics-style reading practice with audio.

Read signs and menus in Thai on your next trip to Thailand!  Make your life as an ex-pat in Thailand easier with reading skills!  Say goodbye forever to “karaoke” Thai and flawed transliteration schemes!  Get your sounds and tones right every time by reading Thai in Thai!

Now available for use on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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